CNC Punch Grinder features direct drives in all axes.**GIN** Punch Grinder (Order No.: 51450) PGA Demo - YouTube

Home CNC Punch Grinder features direct drives in all axes.**GIN** Punch Grinder (Order No.: 51450) PGA Demo - YouTube

In fact, so confident are we of this prediction that last year, we discontinued the very successful ANCA PGX; a dedicated, large wheel, 3 axis production punch grinder with a heritage going back nearly 20 years to our earliest entry into the punch grinding market, the CL4, installed at Elizabeth Carbide in the UK for grinding pill punches.Surface Grinder (x 5 machines) OKUMA TSG-3B Taiwan 0.001 Surface Grinder (x 14) MITSUI MSG-200MH Japan 0.0005 Surface Grinder (x 12) ZHUNLI JL-618 Taiwan 0.001 CNC Optical Profile Grinding PG (x 1) WAIDA PGX-2500SP Japan 0.001 CNC EDM Machine (x 4) SODICK

Polygonal HSS Punch production on Schneeberger CNC Tool Grinder like normaNGC or geminiNGM. Starting form blank with cylindrical grinding, face grinding and ...Gin Chan Machinery Co., Ltd quality products range.Punch Grinder (Order No.: 51450) PGA demostrationFor more info:

Punch geometry can be specified using one of the 38 library templates (similar to those used on PGX), imported via a DXF or drawn using the software's inbuilt 2D editor. The final tool geometry is defined by the number of physical steps on the tool, which may include any of the following: punch form, necking section, cylindrical section and ...PGX - Precise Punch Grinding Machine Melbourne - The PGX has been specifically designed for punch grinding applications and is capable of grinding round, eccentric and step punches up to 150mm (6"). ANCA PGX delivers excellent grinding results for HSS and carbide punches and is suitable for both conventional and superabrasive grinding wheels.

High precision PGA punch grinding machine Punch Grinder is installed on the surface grinder to grind the reduced circular punch can automatically get concentric circle without any adjustment. The left and right direction of the rotary pressing roller can be adjusted to make the workpiece go forward or backward before grinding.The PGX is capable of providing excellent surface finish and precision contours through the use of: o Spindle power of 22kW (30HP) o Digital servo drives. o Robust cast iron work head is specially designed for heavier irregular grinding forces required for punch grinding. o Automatic wheel balancer. o Direct drives in all axes as well as the ...

SMS Machine Tools is the leading Manufacturing Distributor of ANCA to Ontario, Québec and Eastern Canada. Operating for over 55 Years, we'd be happy to answe...The ANCA PGX punch grinding machine, now superseded by the ANCA TX7+, which has the advantage of providing superior flexibility in the grinding process and t...